Cinéma Babel

Following the success of October’s Spanish film, « Los Lunes al Sol » it is now my turn. I’ll be showing the American movie « The Pursuit of Happyness » on Thursday 13th November, at 6pm. There will be time to discuss the film over drinks and nibbles afterwards. For more detailed information please consult the MJC website, or wait until your next lesson … Suite

my thanks to you

As the end of the year approaches, I realise I haven’t posted anything new on my blog for ages. I know you all consult it regularly and so must be very disappointed. Unfortunately, I have no jokes. However, I have just finished reading a very interesting and well written book called « Langue et Science », by Alain Bentolila and Yves Quéré. … Suite

New Joke

I’m just in time to wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2014. And to make sure the new year starts with a smile, here’s a joke for January:   « Why did the cyclops give up teaching? »             « Because he only had one pupil. »

John Hegley returns to his Gallic roots


You already know that John Hegley is very attached to his glasses, that he feels strongly about carrots, potatoes, plasters and dogs. But you might also be interested to learn that his grandma was actually French. And what is more, legend has it that Jean-Philippe Rameau figures in his ancestry… Perhpas this explains the other French connection sitting on the … Suite

Quiz Question

Hi! It is September once again. And if September is here, the start of a new season of English at the MJC cannot be far away. Just give me a couple more weeks to recover from the last one and I’ll be back in the classroom with more amazing activities, valuable vocabulary, great grammar, perfect pronunciation, exciting exercises and helpful … Suite